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The Ultimate DIY Smart Home Hub: Home Assistant on Raspberry Pi.

This guide will show you how to set up a powerful home server for administration of all your Smart Home devices! Follow the steps in this guide to set up your Smart hub within minutes. Control your DIY smart Home projects without 3rd Party Companies!

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At Nexa Smart Home, we’re not just another tech blog. We’re your front-row seat to the revolution of smart home technology. From turning your dwelling into a tech-savvy haven, to keeping your finger on the pulse of cutting-edge trends, we’ve got you covered. We debunk the myths, simplify the jargon, and get straight to what you really need: clear, practical, home-transforming smart tech know-how. Whether you’re a homeowner taking your first step into the smart home world or a tech enthusiast looking for the latest gadget reviews, we serve it all with an edgy, easy-to-understand approach. Buckle up and join us in paving the path to the future, one smart home at a time. Nexa Smart Home: Because smart living shouldn’t be complicated. 


Top 10 Smart Home Devices for 2023

The blog post is a review of the top ten smart home devices currently. 


How to Choose the Perfect Smart Lighting System for Your Home

There is no shortage of choices for smart lighting. Here our thoughts


DIY Home Automation: Top 10 Projects for Beginners

Many smart home DIY projects are not complicated. Try these DIY projects.

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Smart homing on a budget, you don’t have to be rich to live in a tech-savvy home.

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Wearable tech that integrates with your home. 

Remember watching the Jetsons and dreaming of the day when your house would do all the work for you? Well,

The world of technology has been rapidly evolving, and we are now at a stage where our everyday wearable tech can seamlessly integrate with our homes, creating a synergy of convenience, comfort, and security. Yes, my tech enthusiasts, we are indeed living in the future!

The concept of the smart home is not new, but the integration of wearable tech brings it to an entirely new level. Imagine this: your smartwatch not only tracks your fitness levels but also your energy usage, automatically adjusting your home’s thermostat, lighting, and even music to suit your personal preferences.

The Future Of Smart Tech.

The future of smart home tech lies in creating a seamless, intuitive, and personalized living experience through advanced interconnectivity.

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