Nexa 3-D.

Customizable Pre-Built DIY Products.

Not eveyone has the skill or resources to make all the DIY Smart Devices featured on Nexa, thats why we started Nexa 3-D! Choose from a library of pre-made designs featured in the Nexa DIY Initiative, customize aspects of the product such as size, color, and material before placing an order. Customization is available for ALL products and can be personalized upon request. We assure you that Nexa 3-D products built straight from the guides in the Nexa DIY Initiative, using all the same parts and procedures. Nexa 3-D was designed so that everyone can have access to equipment they can control! While big-brand devices offer convenience and polished user experiences, DIY smart devices provide a more hands-on approach with greater cost-effectiveness, privacy, security and customization options. Ultimately, the choice between DIY and big-brand devices depends on individual preferences, technical skills, and specific use cases. Nexa 3-D is our way of briding the gap for Smart Home enthusiasts that want the advantages of DIY devices, without requiring the skills, equipment, or knowledge required for creating your own devices. 

Coming Soon!

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