Embracing the Future: Wearable Technology Meets Home Automation

Jul 18, 2023 | Smart Home Devices & Reviews, Trends, Uncategorized

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Imagine living in a world where the word ‘magical’ doesn’t just apply to fantastical tales and mythology, but also fittingly describes our homes. With leaps in technology, our once static abodes are transforming into dynamic environments, offering not just comfort, but also a higher level of convenience and productivity. The catalysts for this revolutionary change? Wearable technology and smart home automation systems that are quickly becoming staple inclusions in households across the globe.

Smart Door Application: Revolutionizing Convenience

Take, for instance, the innovative “Smart Door Application” – a revolution, of sorts, in the world of smart home automation. This ingenious little app pairs up with your existing garage door opener, effectively giving you the power to remotely control your garage door. Open it, close it, monitor it – all from literally anywhere on the planet.

Out with the Old

Older, traditional garage door remotes seem archaic in comparison. How many times have you lost one? Or accidentally broke it? Ever set out on a leisurely neighborhood stroll or a bike ride, only to realize halfway that you’ve left the remote behind? The list of frustrations is endless. But, with the voice-enabled Smart Door Application, all these problems are now a thing of the past.

Peace of Mind and Other Benefits

Imagine the peace of mind knowing that you can check your garage door’s status from anywhere at any time. No more jolting awake in the middle of the night, trying to recall if you shut the garage door. No more helpless situations where a surprise visitor needs access to your home while you’re away. All you need is your trusty pal, Beyond Key’s voice-activated Smart Door App.

Integration and Security Features

What’s that? You’re intrigued by the other benefits? Well, let’s dive in! Imagine being able to control your garage door with just a whisper to your Apple Watch, Android Smart Watch, Alexa, or Google Assistant. How’s that for convenience? And the peace of mind it brings? Invaluable. Instant updates, secure access only to permitted users, and an account of time since the last operation.

How It Works: A Glimpse into the Future

Now, let’s get to the part that makes this truly fascinating – how it works. Voice commands activate the garage door opener via a secure transmission. The app verifies the door’s status, relays an audio confirmation, and displays the status on your smartwatch. Push notifications keep users updated, and the smartwatch app even has a feature that seeks user permission before activating the garage door.

Wearable Devices: The Future of Home Automation

But we’re just skimming the surface here. The future holds even greater promise. With the rapid growth of IoT, wearable devices are becoming more pervasive. Projections by tech analysis firm CCS suggest that wearable device sales will soar from 95 million units this year to a staggering 185 million by 2021. And with these devices, you could do everything from adjusting room temperature to receiving security alerts – all with a simple voice command.

The Dawning of a New Technological Era

We’re only at the dawn of this exciting technological era, one where the seamless integration of wearables in smart home automation is becoming more commonplace. So, hold onto your seats, and be prepared for a ride filled with more innovative changes and advancements in the months and years to come.

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